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Premioo is a great community among businesses, which offer discounts and consumers, who take advantage of them. As in all communities, it is sometimes necessary to set standards of coexistence so that everyone is treated with the necessary respect and enjoy the experience with our mobile application to the fullest.

The content that goes against legal provisions, good customs, and / or our terms of use or that offends other users is subject to the elimination of the account by Premioo.

Premioo uses complex analytics to detect and withdraw offers that do not comply with these rules.

Respect among all, honesty, peace and love, in this way we guarantee that we all enjoy using Premioo.

What is Premioo and what is it for?

Premioo for businesses:

Premioo is a new service that combines the strengths of mobile technology, classical POS promotions and social media: when your customers share your offers with their friends using their mobile and social media accounts, they receive an instant (discount or gift) coupon for your business on their smartphone, which they can redeem directly in your shop. This simple mechanism takes advantage of some of the most powerful influencers of consumer behaviour: Reciprocity, commitment, social proof, liking and impulse.

Premioo for consumers:

Premioo is a new way of enjoying offers and discounts around you. premioo links you with your social media friends to share experiences of restaurant visits, services in your area etc. in an instant way. We link you with your real life friends in premioo, if they go somewhere and enjoy offers, you will know about it and can repeat this great experience. Because in the end, only your real life friends know what is good for you. 


  • In all the ads you post, it is necessary to assign the correct category to each offer.

  • It is not allowed the publication of offers whose sole purpose is the search (buy, search ...).

  • We recommend you write the offers in an appropriate and detailed manner, providing the maximum information to describe your offer. In this way you will attract more attention from your clients or future clients.

  • Please make sure that all the offers you offer are valid and that you will never offer what you can not fulfill.

Any offer of the following features may be blocked without prior notice:


  • Content related to advertising, spamming, mail chains, pyramid schemes, multilevel marketing, threats and / or fraud.

  • Any link that directs or intends to direct traffic to other web pages or apps unless it is the business itself that also offers the offer.

  • Content related to illegal and / or dangerous actions.

  • etc.


  • Products penalized by law.

  • Medications with medical prescription and / or products that must be sterile.

  • Cosmetics or unsealed and / or used perfumery articles.

  • Defective and / or deceptive products.

  • Weapons and / or explosive material.

  • Tobacco, drugs and toxic / dangerous products.

  • etc.


  • Content that infringes intellectual property or industrial rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets.

  • Fakes and / or plagiarized.

  • Content that infringes the privacy of personal information of any kind.

  • Content that infringes the privacy rights of anyone, whether or not a Premioo user.

  • Content belonging to third parties, such as photographs, images taken from the internet or catalog.

  • Sale of original and / or falsified documents or duplicates.

  • etc.


  • The use of inaccurate images or that do not correctly show the product or service offered is not allowed.

  • Sexual content of any kind is not allowed.

  • It is not allowed to publish content whose location, identity or condition of the product is inaccurate or ambiguous.

  • It is not allowed to publish content that may entail a risk to the health and / or safety of the purchaser of the same.

  • Any manifestation of discrimination, intolerance and / or racial offenses is not allowed.

  • The publication of advertisements whose contents promote, support or commemorate hate or intolerance groups is not allowed.

  • The publication of products that may incite violence against people, animals or things is not allowed.

  • Products related to parts of the human body, body fluids, blood, human remains, funerary artifacts, mortuaries or autopsies.

  • Content that, in any way, is related to an individual under 18 years of age.

  • etc.


  • If you connect with Premioo you have to use your usual social media account that represents your real person / identity. It is not allowed to use false or other people's accounts.

  • Leave a sincere and fair valuation once you have taken advantage of an offer.

  • Do not insult anyone and try to solve conflicts in a reasonable and wise way.

  • etc.