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What is premioo?

premioo is a new way of enjoying offers and discounts around you. premioo links you with your social media friends to share experiences of restaurant visits, services in your area etc. in an instant way. We link you with your real life friends in premioo, if they go somewhere and enjoy offers, you will know about it and can repeat this great experience. Because in the end, only your real life friends know what is good for you. 


What can I do with the premioo app?

You can search for offers in your area by geo-location and enjoy them on an instant level. You don’t have to walk around anymore looking for what is out there, simply start premioo and scan your area for instant enjoyable offers and experiences.

Is it free to use premioo?

It is 100% free for our users who enjoy discounts and it will be free forever.


To use premioo I have to register first?

Yes - you have to register with one of your social media accounts either Facebook or twitter to be able to share the offers on within your social media account.

How can I register?

You can register by downloading the app and linking it with you Facebook or twitter account.


What information do you request from Facebook/twitter?

All what we do is we import your Facebook image, your name, gender and birthday so your friends can recognize you when they search for discounts you enjoyed already.

Can I stay anonymous when I use premioo?

Of course, please click on Menu tab on top left and then click on "Preferences". Under preferences you will find a menu point called "show where I have been", if you disable by swiping on the left then we will anonymize your visits and mention only "One friend of yours has been to this place" without showing name nor image. 


How can I access the discounts?

Once successfully shared the discount is active and can be found under "Menu" - "My Discounts" - in Tab "Available".  In order to redeem your discount please click on "CONVERT VOUCHER" and scan the QR code which is located inside the business. Once you have successfully scanned the discount will move to "CONVERTED" tab, please show this tab to the business owner and you can redeem the offer. In case you don't see the QR-code to scan please ask the business owner.

Can I search for specific offers?

Of course, on the start screen (home screen) please click on the magnifying glass located on top right corner next to GPS icon. There you can either search for titles, cities, categories, proximity etc. Once you set you search conditions please click on the check icon located on top right corner.

How can I rate my experience?

Once you have converted the discount you have the possibility to rate your experience from 0-5 stars.


If I have a problem with converting an offer whom shall I contact?

First make sure the QR-code is readable, there is enough light in the area for the camera to recognize the QR-code. If it doesn't work close the app, re-open go to My discounts and click on convert voucher and try again. In case this doesn't work please contact the business owner if you have issues with converting discounts. If you have a problem with the application please contact us.


My app seem to have problems, how can I notify you?

Please let us know to enhance user experience and resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the menu point "HELP" you can find "Feedback and Suggestions" to let us know about your experience with the app. If you have any ideas how to improve it and make it better for you please let us know also. If you have problems with the app and it crashes please click on "Contact us" located under HELP.


My location is not correct, what can I do?

Search for offers by clicking the icon top right (GPS) on home screen (start screen) and it will activate your GPS and search discounts in your area. Else you can click on MENU button and after that on MAP to view discounts in your area, in case your location is not correct please click GPS icon on top right corner. Once you found one you like click on it and then share it on Facebook or twitter.


How can I register my business to your app?

We welcome every business which wants to be part of premioo, unfortunately it is not possible to run a business account and a user account at the same time. Please logout and register as business, you will be able to offer promotions within less than 5 minutes.


How can I delete my account in premioo?

Please contact us through Menu - Help - Contact us to delete your account.

How can I change my name and password?

As we pull your name from Facebook or twitter you would need to change your name on your social media account in order to change your name.

I don’t remember my password, how can I receive a new one?

We don’t use any password, you simply logout and login using your social media username and password from facebook or twitter and that is it.


Can I change the email linked to my account?

Open the menu, click on your profile image and click on the email address, there you can change it.


What advantages offers premioo?

Premioo offers you an easy and comprehensive app to be up to date what is going on in your area, where you can obtain great offers for goods and services in an instant way. You don't need to wait any longer to be able to enjoy offers.


I know great businesses but they are not in your app yet what can I do?

Please spread the word, tell your friends who have businesses to register to premioo to promote their business in a local environment.


Business FAQs:

How to add company location?

Click on menu tab, after that click on Locations and then on the right top corner you see a +. Once you click the + symbol you will be able to add another business location. You can either use the same logo as the one you registered with or replace it with a new one. Fill in all necessary information such as business logo, additional images, name, address, website, email, phone, opening times and any other additional information you might think is relevant. In case the other business location requires a different TAX number we recommend you to create a new account.

How to update your business location?

Click on menu tab, after that click on Locations and then next to the business location name click on the symbol with the square and pencil in it. Clicking on the icon the update screen opens where you can then update logo, additional images, website, email, phone, opening hours and other information of interest.

How to obtain again the QR-Code template for my business?

Click on menu tab, after that click on Locations and then next to the business location name click on the symbol with the square and pencil in it. After that below the images there is a blue button called "OBTAIN QR CODE", please click on it and then save the template either in PDF or send it as an PDF attachment to your email address.

How to create discounts?

There are two ways to create discounts, the easiest is from the home screen clicking the + symbol on the top right corner. The second method is click on menu tab, click on Discounts and once you are on discounts screen click again the + symbol on the top right corner. 

Here are some recommendations how to create your discounts:

1) Use beautiful images which attract customers

2) Use a descriptive title, which is an eye catcher and contains all relevant information. Example: Lunch Menu Offer 12,90€

3) Explain the offer in detail. Example: Lunch Menu today from 14:00 until 16:00. What is on the menu today? 1 course: Soup, Salad, Pasta. 2 course: Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian Lasagne. 3 course: Mousse, Flan or Coffee. 

4) Start/End/Checkout Limit: If you want to offer the menu only for one day then Start date would be today, End date would be today and Checkout limit as well. If you have a general service offer like "Haircut + Massage" you can let it run over a longer period example Start date today, End date in three month, checkout limit in 3 month. Checkout limit can be extended over the period of end date in case you want people to be able to come to your business and convert the coupon even the offer has already ended. 

5) Amounts: Be precise with the amounts, don't over-serve nor under-serve. You can update the amounts during the campaign in case you run out or you simply create a new offer. Make sure you can deliver what you promise.

6) Location: By default if you have one location it will be always checked, in case you have more location with the arrow on the right side you can decide on which locations you want the offer to be active.

7) Coupon visible to customers: When this box is checked and you click "DONE" then the coupon will be available instantly to all premioo users. In case you want to prepare different coupons for a whole week in a calm moment then you don't check it until the day you want to activate it. To do so click on Menu tab, discounts click on the discount image and then on the top right icon with square and pencil. There you can then check the box and once you click "DONE" then the discount is active.

How to re-activate discounts?

To do so click on Menu tab on point discounts click on the discount image you want to reactivate. Then click on the top right icon with square and pencil. There you can modify the start, end and checkout limit dates and update the amounts and once done click on "DONE" then the discount is active again.

How to review statistics?

To review statistics please click on menu icon top left, then on menu point "Statistics" and there are 4 different tabs. On the first tab you can see how many discounts you have active today, how many people have seen your discounts today, how often they got shared on their social media account and how often they came to your business to redeem the discount. You can change the time range to see the evolution over a week, month or custom time range. On the third tab you can see who came to your business and how often they came already. On the fourth tab you see how they rated you.

Do you have feedback or improvement requests?

Please click on menu on top left side, after that on Help and in the help screen you find a menu point called "Feedback and suggestions". You will be redirected to an external website we partner with, feel free to write everything which you like and don't like about our app and how we can make it work better for you and your business.

How to contact us?

To get in touch with us please click Menu top left, after that on Help and at the very bottom there is a menu point called "Contact us".