Who would be better promoters than the happy customers that you already have? And who would
be better new customers than the friends and peers of your loyal customers?

How it works?

Turn your customers into happy promoters and their friends into happy new customers. We are
sure this will make YOU happy too.


It literally takes only 5 minutes to download app and be ready to start.

Create discounts

Create discount depending on your sector and
with your rules.

Spread your voice

With your customers consuming your discouns they will spread your voice.

Get new Customers

Your customers will promote your business on their social networks to their peers and friends.


Super simple, be ready to promote your
business in 5 minutes.

Obtain feedback, the community will give you
feedback and boost your reputation.

Promote whatever you want, you can create your promos based
on your interests and where you feel best in.

Chain reaction, once the stone is rolling,
more will follow.

Measure your success, you can see everyday how often your
discounts were shared and how many people came to checkin.

Client list, see who comes to your business
and how often.

Boost your brand, your satisfied customers will spread the word
and share your discounts in their social networks.

More yet to come, we have some other new cool features in the
pipe, stay tuned


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About Premioo

Premioo is a new service that combines the strengths of mobile technology, classical POS promotions and social media: when your customers share your offers with their friends using their mobile and social media accounts, they receive an instant (discount or gift) coupon for your business on their smartphone, which they can redeem directly in your shop. This simple mechanism takes advantage of some of the most powerful influencers of consumer behaviour: Reciprocity, commitment, social proof, liking and impulse.

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